Statement of the Artist

"Working with clay is very satisfying and soothing. It forces you to focus on the clay itself. It is an amazing process to see and experience where the clay will bring you. With this approach, each female figure is unique with her own personality".

I am a ceramic artist with focus on hand building female figures. Besides female figures, I love coiling and slab building. I often combine both techniques.  Sometimes I enjoy working on the wheel. My signature is lace prints in my pieces, from female sculptures to mugs.  


I will have mugs, cups, bowls and wind chimes on sale during the Spring Fling weekend at Wright Locke Farm, Saturday May 12 from 1 to 4 pm. Address: 82 Ridge Street, Winchester, MA

Previous Events

  • December 2017: Pre-Holiday Shopping  Event at Re/Max Leading Edge, Lexington MA

  • November 2017: Thanksgiving Market, Winchester, MA

  • November 2017: Fall pop up market at Wright Locke Farm, Winchester, MA

  • August 2017 : Art in August, Winchester, MA

  • June 2017 : Art in Bloom, Next Door Theater, Winchester, MA

  • May 2017 : Sale at Spring Fling: Plant & Artisan Market at Wright Locke Farm, Winchester, MA

  • November 2016 : Sale at Fall pop-up market at Wright Locke Farm, Winchester MA

  • June 2016 : Art in Bloom, Next Door Theater, Winchester, MA

  • May 2016 : Sale at Mudflat Studio's, Somerville, MA


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